Scott Padgett

Interactive Designer / Illustrator

I am an artist by heart and soul, camera by my side, a sketchbook in hand and a computer nearby. My passions for art & technology have seated me 14+ years with an expertise in User Experience Design and User Interface architecture. If it has colors, content and an end-user – im on it!

"I love all things design and believe we live in a world of composition and the more we understand how the creative entities work together - the better we can play our part as interactive variables."

Today I work as a Senior UX/UI Designer Consultant in Atlanta, Ga for Perficient - Experts in Business Driven Technology Solutions. My typical work day consist of creative meetings that are focused on website development, logo design, HTML & CSS, CMS integration, UI Archectural Design and a plenty of Sushi. I live with my my wife Terry in Atlanta, Ga. My passions include drawing, painting, prop making, cooking, gardening and planted aquariums. When Im not designing, you can find me roaming the craft stores or looking for rusted iron work to bring home.

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Craig Foster

Tattooist / Illustrator

My name is Craig Foster. I was born in New York(Queens) 9/4/71. Moved to New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Boca Raton, and landed in Marietta GA. 1989. Moved around Atlanta quite a bit, but mostly stayed in Marietta.

I started tattooing in 1995 in Douglasville GA. I started working at Psycho Tattoo in 96, and worked there until 2002. Left Psycho Tattoo,and went to work with Timeless Tattoo in Atlanta. Stayed there almost 3 years and left to do my own thing, Skinwerks Tattoo. was started by Scott Padgett of Marietta GA. a while back. I was invited to join the website in 2000, and it has been my home since. We eventually want to join forces ,but for now I started up Skinwerks Tattoo in Carrollton GA. September of 2004. I love to work.I am a full time Tattoo artist, a fulltime Husband, and a fulltime Dad. Everything that I need. I enjoy Good Movies (action) , spicy food, video games, fishing, and travel. The only meat that I eat is Fish. There are only a few types of fish that I do not like. Chillean Sea Bass, Perch, and Monk Fish. On my free time,I like to hang out with my Family. I go out every once and awhile just for special occasions. To finish, I would to see how many people I can find that I have tattooed over the years. Contact me and show me the work. I enjoy what I do with a passion, and never forget a tattoo or a face.

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Julius Woods


My name is Julius Woods. I was born in Chicago, IL in 1982. I was raised in Guntown, Ms and began tattooing in nearby Saitillo, MS in 2001. In 2004, I left Mississippi to tattoo in Alabama. I stayed in Alabama until 2007 when I moved to Panama City, Fl. I then stopped through Richmond, VA and Nashville, TN before landing here at Skinwerks in February 2011.

I would like to thank Craig and Scott for the opportunity to join the Skinwerks team and look forward to a future here tattooing in West Georgia.

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Veerle London


Our Dutch plug-in from across the pond. Veerle (fearless) who resides in Zaltbommel, Holland joined the Skinwerks Team in 2009. She has been tattooing for handful of years and has made a quite a reputation for producing exquisite mathematical linework in her tattooing. Now with a client-base in Carrollton, Ga – Veerle is bouncing between Holland and Georgia multiple times a year.

Her smile and hair color is just one reason why we keep her around! Feel free to contact her on facebook or call the shop to see when she is back in town.

Michel Parisay

Counter / Apprentice

My name's Michel Parisay and chances are good that you're taller than me. I was born in Albany, NY the year Rod Stewart released Forever Young. I always loved art from a young age, and throughout my life art has always been involved in what I've strived to do in one way or another. I fell in love with tattoos in high school, and after dabbling in other arts, realized that it was time to take my passion seriously. I met Craig in 2005, was first tattooed by him in 2006, and told him I wanted to learn to tattoo in the fall of 2010.

I started working the front counter at Skinwerks in the summer of 2012, and as of the beginning of 2013 I'm honored to be called Craig's 2nd apprentice ever. the opportunity to be here and be part of a crew that is passionate about life and art combined, is one I couldn't be more grateful for.

I love good food, music, and dark chocolate. I wear Vans shoes, Swatch watches, and Levi's jeans

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